Primary Academy - your free resources for primary classes!

What’s inside?

Exam preparation - Flyers, Movers, Starters speaking test preparation videos 

Grammar PPT - Grammar presentation slides 

Phonics - Chants, rhymes, songs 

Teaching aids - Charts, organizers PDFs 

Songs - American English, British English and Traditional songs (approx. 60 total) 

Videos - Documentaries, Dramatic episodes (6 GSE levels, with scripts) 

Worksheets - Grammar, Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing (PDFs, different GSE levels) 

Poptropica Island Game Guides - Walkthrough PDFs 

Island Adventure Game - Windows & MAC installers download 

More resources - Coming soon! 

How to access?

Please contact us and Primary Academy will be added to your Pearson English Portal account. If you don’t have a teacher's account yet, register at


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