Digital Tools

ActiveBooks coming to your class for the new school year! 

We proudly present a brand new digital component to support all teaching and learning scenarios: in-class, remote and hybrid

If you work with Wider World, Focus 2nd edition, High Note or Speakout 2nd edition, the new Pearson ActiveBooks will make your work easier and more efficient than ever!

Interactive coursebook for students 

Pearson ActiveBooks help students learn wherever they are and at any time. It is an online interactive student’s book with integrated audio and video content. It works on all devices with internet connection - desktop and mobile. ActiveBooks with easy access via Pearson English Portal will engage and interest even the most demanding students. 

All-in-one digital solution for teachers 

Pearson ActiveBook for teachers is an online interactive student’s book with: 

  • Front-of-Class tool which helps teachers deliver lessons in the classroom using an interactive whiteboard or projector and remotely sharing screen during video conferences. The functionalities include: 

    • Notes 
    • Scoreboards 
    • Highlighter 
    • Timer 
    • “Show answer” module
    • Whiteboard 

Assignments section, where the teacher can assign online tasks for students, e.g. as homework. 

Reports where the teacher receives automatic feedback on students’ progress (information about scores, attempts, mistakes and errors). 

Virtual Classroom which enables the teacher to run online lessons with real-time monitoring of students' work. 

Why is it worth teaching and learning with Pearson  ActiveBooks? 


Building autonomy 

  • Students are given 5 attempts at each task before they can reveal the correct answers, while the teacher can see the number of attempts and score checks:
    • All students can reach the right answers. 
    • Each student can follow their own learning path.
  • Students can learn according to their own pace and abilities.
  • Individual learning differences among students are addressed.
  • Students can develop self-learning skills.

Providing motivation 

  • An in-built gamification mechanism and awards system enable students to gain virtual stars, medals and trophies.
  • Interactive activities, multimedia and various types of tools enhance learning process.
  • Automated scoring. 

  • Instant results and immediate insight into students’ progress. 

  • Multiple reporting (group and individual). 

  • Identification of skills gaps and room for improvement, all to help students progress.

  • Navigation page-by-page or activity-by-activity. 

  • Suited for live classes, as well as for homework assignments.

  • Perfect for in-class work and remote teaching and learning. 

  • Compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile devices. 

  • Works with screen sharing, interactive whiteboards and projectors. 

Try out the DEMO now!

ActiveBooks will be available in September 2021 and ready for the upcoming new school year, but we want you to explore the demo versions much earlier, without any registrations or access codes required.

How to access ActiveBooks DEMO?

1. Go to activebooks.pearson.eu 
2. Click on the Demos tab. 
3. Select the course demo you want to explore. 
4. Click on the other menu tabs to find out what you can expect in a full version.


Visit our Youtube channel to see Active Books tutorials.

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